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daniel jackson feed mill
daniel jackson farms feed mill


Daniel-Jackson Feed Mill has been in operation for over forty years. 


We offer general farm supplies, animal health supplies, and feed for a large variety of animals.  With the addition of a mixer in 1995, we began to offer our custom feed blend option to better fit the needs of our customers. 

Based on the specific diets and nutritional needs of your animals, we are able to provide a recipe of choice ingredients customized by the consumer which helps produce top quality animals. Some customers travel well over 100 miles to have us mix their special blend because of the results our feed offers.

We also offer additional farm services through the Daniel-Jackson Feed Mill such as commercial fertilizer blending and spreading. New technology allows us to permeate dry fertilizer with herbicides by use of a blender. In addition, we offer spray truck services to help you spray herbicides and pesticides. 

You can be confident that the feed that you purchase here at our Feed Mill is the very same feed that we use with our own livestock.  We are here to help you with your animal needs.  

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