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Daniel Jackson Feed Mill


3rd Generation Family-Owned Farm

1973 - Founded by Mack and Joan Ledbetter - Ledbetter’s Feed Mill


1983 - Deborah (Joan’s Sister) and Gene Daniel purchase the mill and change the name to Daniel’s Feed Mill.


1993 - Sammy Jackson (nephew) joins the business as a partner. The mill’s name is updated to Daniel-Jackson Feed Mill to include Sammy’s new ownership position.


1995 - Customized Feed Production Launches


2017 - Will Daniel (Deborah and Gene’s son) becomes a full partner in the business.


2021 - The Butcher Shop at DJ Farms launches.

What started in 1973 as a small feed store has grown into a multi-faceted family farming operation. Today Daniel-Jackson Farms includes the feed mill, a cattle farm, and a butcher shop.


Daniel-Jackson Feed Mill has been serving the farmers of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee for almost 50 years. We specialize in offering custom feed blends that better serve the needs of our local farming friends than those large factory feed blends.


The “Farms” part of the Daniel-Jackson Farms’ name comes from our multi-generational cattle farm. After 50 years of diligent effort, we have cultivated some of the best genetics found within the cattle industry.


Finally, our newest venture, The Butcher Shop at DJ Farms opened in 2021. This expansion into the meat processing industry was a natural fit for us considering how many Americans are looking for a better quality more sustainable cut of meat. Our top-notch processing facility takes the phrase ‘farm-to-table” literally by having the production house on the Daniel-Jackson Farm grounds.


Community is at the core of everything we do. We believe that faith, family, and friendship are at the core of what makes communities great. We look forward to serving you and your community soon.

Daniel Jackson Feed Mill
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